Lansdowne School Council Update

Lansdowne School Council is back up and running for the new term. The Council meets every Friday to consider suggestions put forward by the Councillors.

Each class has representation. The role of the Cllr is to pass on suggestions from their class friends to the school management team. These are discussed by the Council, and then considered by the Senior Management Team.

Head of School Mr Jukes started a recent meeting by offering feedback on an arts project involving Year 8 and 9. Lansdowne School has been asked by Squire and Partners to help create the Winter Window for the Brixton based architects.

This is an amazing opportunity for the school. We are very proud to have been asked to work alongside the local business.

Art sessions have taken place at Lansdowne School. The next step will be a site visit by the students. We are working on a neon style installation. This will then be returned to Lansdowne after the festive season at Squire and Partners.

School Council then discussed some of the points raised by the Cllr’s. School trips were on the agenda. Mr Jukes updated with news of art and maths trips that are being planned.

Ideas for Halloween were discussed, as well as the possibility of setting up a non-contact boxing club. One of the students is also keen for an after school basketball club. All these ideas will now be discussed by school management.

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