Year 13 Living Numbers and Brixton Food Bank Plans

Living Numbers lessons in Year 13 are looking ahead to Christmas. The students are using their maths skills in the community. This includes trips to local shops.

We decided that we would also help out our friends at the local Brixton Food Bank as we approach the festive period. Lansdowne School has a history of being supportive of the Food Bank.

Our shopping trips between now and the Christmas break will involve planning and buying items for the Food Bank. A small budget will be made available for each for the students.

Our early planning started with a class conversation about what is an essential item, and what might be considered a luxury. The students were asked to think about what the priorities might be if you were struggling with a personal shopping budget.

We then broke some of the items down into three separate groups: toiletries, dry food and tinned food. One of the students was able to explain that items such as fresh fruit would be difficult to store at the Food Bank.

The next step will be to make our first shopping trip as we prepare for our Christmas contribution to the Brixton Food Bank.

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