Year 8 Morning Tutorial Time

The Year 8 morning routine is working well each day. Class teacher Aga has set up a system that allows all pupils to understand what is expected, and to plan for the day ahead.

We always start our class tutorial time with a brief warm up dance routine. The pupils welcome each other with a greetings song.

Speech and language skills are the next focus. Year 8 work with the Communication in Print boards to describe how they are feeling each morning.

Choices include emotions such as happy, sad and tired. Once class member recently chose the excited option. He added that this is because he is looking forward to the Year 8 trip the Zoo later in the term!

Aga then asks each class member to remember the Lansdowne FRESH rules. These are the instructions that all students and staff follow to help make our school a safe and happy place for everyone to learn.

Finger fitness finishes our morning routine. Year 8 follow the instructions on the class whiteboard to move and exercise their fingers. This is a great warm up for the writing skills that follow.

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