Directions and Movement in Year 8 Maths

Year 8 are learning about directions and movement as part of their maths learning. Each lesson usually starts with a maths warm up. The pupils are currently working on improving their timetables skills. Matching statements and completing missing numbers form part of this learning.

The main focus for the lesson was to work on our understanding of directions. The learning objectives included describing position and direction, and recognising and following the directions of movement.

A grid was marked out on the carpet in the maths room. Small groups of pupils worked together to improve their directional skills. Maths teacher Mr A introduced vocabulary such as left, right, clockwise, anti-clockwise, quarter turn and half turn.

The pupils moved around the grid following a sequence of instructions given by Mr A. The class members then took it in turns to give instructions to their friends. They had to give the correct sequence to move from one square on the grid to another.

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