Lansdowne After School Clubs Photo Gallery

We have a photo gallery to share showing some of the activities taking place during the after school cubs. Each Tuesday and Thursday staff kindly volunteer their time to offer some extra tuition or guidance. The range of clubs is growing.

The Enterprise Club helps students to design and create goods that can then be sold on at school events. The pupils not only produce the items – they are also involved in the business decisions. Prices are discussed, and then responsibility is taken for selling the items.

The Art after school club are currently designing and making some Alice in Wonderland Mat Hatter hats! These were sculptured using recycled materials. The next step is to customise the designs with hearts, stars or any other images that the students select.

Rock Band is very lively! A selection of electric and acoustic instruments are played in the music studio. Each club member gets the chance to choose which song they would like to perform.

Finally we have some Dodgeball photos. This remains one of the most popular Lansdowne Clubs. It is always encouraging to see the older students supporting the younger pupils. The game are played at a competitive level with plenty of respect.

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