Year 11 English Comprehension Exercise

English lessons in Year 11 are looking at how we can find information from a piece of text. The students have seen how this is a helpful exercise in being able to summarise some of the key points in a piece of writing.

We used the example of a newspaper report about the launch of a new Sony Playstation. The pupils read the text and then answered a set of questions.

One of the techniques used to help isolate the key points was to use a marker pen. The Year 11 pupils drew a line through points in the passage that they thought might be useful.

The answers to the questions were written using complete sentences. The students understood how this makes it clear what the question is, as well as providing the correct answer.

The next stage of this learning will look at asking verbal questions. Year 11 will use the passage of text to then ask questions to their friends about the Playstation.

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