Online Safety Test for Year 12 Students

Year 12 are learning about online safety during during our ICT lessons. The students were asked to consider what information is safe to share.

This was a practical session with a crafty attempt made to try and catch the students out. ICT teacher Mr Gratton set up a secure chatroom. All class members were asked to login via their laptops and have a friendly chat.

The twist was that a fake account was set up for Mr Gratton. This was accessed outside the ICT suite by another staff member.

The fake Mr Gratton started off with some friendly questions. The conversation soon turned to trying to find our personal information.

One of the students was suspicious right from the start. Soon the other Year 12 pupils became aware that something wasn’t quite right. To their credit the students didn’t pass on any personal information to the fake Mr Gratton.

The reveal was made at the end of the lesson. The students reflected on how we always need to be aware about who we are talking to online.

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