Parent and Carers’ Coffee Morning Minutes

We are happy to share the minutes from a recent coffee morning for parents and carers. These take place regularly with Executive Head Teacher Mrs Adams and Head of School Mr Jukes. They are an opportunity for an informal and friendly session to share ideas and support. Please keep an eye on the school calendar for future coffee mornings.

Parent’s Coffee Morning – 1/11/19

Present: Chris.B’s carer, Yana’s mum, Yoel’s mum, Mohamed.N’s mum, Zachy’s mum, Alex’s mum, Rupert’s Mum and Dad, Tyrique’s mum and Daniel’s mum.

SLT: Mr J Juckes, Ms N Mitchell and Ms L Adams.

Purpose: Winter Fair

  • Mr Juckes talked about the Winter Fair, students from each class will have a stand to help raise money for the community, Inc. surrounding charities; Brixton Soup Kitchen, Brixton Food Bank etc.
  • Mr Juckes brought up Parent Involvement where Patrick’s mum and Yana’s mum had a few suggestions for Raffle donations. Who to approach? Where? Local areas; Brixton, Clapham and Streatham. What for? (Family orientated) Family tickets/vouchers, games, food coupons etc.
  • Raffle tickets will be sold by the office in the reception to parents. Mr Juckes will speak with Ganesh.
    Ms Mitchell stated that the School Enterprise had various stands available to parents and students, as the school encourages parents to support their children.
  • Mr Juckes also stated that the Winter Fair will be a good opportunity for the student’s involvement as it will help them practice and build their life skills: Mathematics (Spending & Buying) Speaking and Listening (Interaction with others) and Character Building (Confidence).
  • Mrs Adams and Mr Juckes then spoke about the stalls, what can be sold during the Winter Fair. Patrick’s mum mentioned that the mince pies did not sell as well as they expected. The following suggestions were made: Drinks, Cake sales, Icing table, Nail Bar etc.
  • Patrick’s mum and Yoel’s mum asked Mr Juckes whether it was possible for parents to help with the preparations (gift wrapping etc.) a week before the Fair. Possibly the Friday before (6th December). Mrs Adams and Mr Juckes both agreed that would be helpful.
  • Chris. B’s carer mentioned that he and his friend own a Slushy Machine. Raised concern regarding the weather. Mr Juckes liked the idea and will look into it.
  • Mrs Adams also suggested that Advertisement boards are placed around the school for donations from local stores.
  • Patrick’s mum, Yana’s mum, Zachy’s mum and Alex’s mum suggested a few stores to get in touch with. Tesco’s, Sainsbury’s, M&S, Nandos, Pizza hut, Ritzy, Flip Out, Odeon etc. Chris. B’s dad mentioned that he has a contact with Kier and Edgely Development.
  • Mrs Adams also suggested that she and Mr Juckes will create a letter to send to the local businesses mentioned, including Estate agencies for support and donations for the fair.
  • Alex’s mum presented Mrs Adams and Mr Juckes with a letter and pitch she had previously written to a local church for funding. JJ has a copy for a template.
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