Year 10 Plan Donations for Brixton Food Bank

The Year 10 students are using their Living Numbers lessons to help plan a project for the Brixton Food Bank. The aim is to use our maths skills to buy some items to donate. Lansdowne School has a great relationship with Solomon and the Brixton Food Bank team.

The students started this project by thinking about which items are suitable to donate. It was agreed with class teacher Lisa that food and personal items that have a long shelf life are ideal.

We then went to the Lidl website and researched our suggested shopping list. The students were given a budget to work as they planned their purchases.

It was then time to head to the local Lidl in Brixton. Each class member had a set role. Some of the students found the items on our list, one class member paid for the items with other friends helping to pack.

The next stage will be to visit the Brixton Food Bank and hand over the items. We will also pass on any extra food not used from the Lansdowne Food Tech kitchen.

This was a great exercise in planning around a budget and feeling confident in our local community.

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