Year 12 Plan Sports Lesson as Part of Coaching Award

The Year 12 students are working towards the WCJ Level 1 Award in the Principles of Coaching Sport. This is a practical and theory assessment to help the pupils understand what is needed to succeed as a sports coach.

Our theory learning has looked at the skills and responsibilities of a coach. We held a class discussion about the skills needed. Our ideas that we brain stormed were recorded in a mind map.

Examples included leadership, encouragement and showing loyalty. PE teacher Mr Lee asked the students to build upon these ideas and write a complete sentence to explain more. This exercise was repeated for the responsibilities of a sports coach.

This theory preparation will lead towards each student planning their own coaching session. They will be asked to choose a sport and then create a coaching plan that will help to achieve the stated aims.

Activities will include a warm up, work stations and then testing out the skills. Our lesson plans will need to consider coaching responsibilities such as risk assessment and having the correct equipment.

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