Class 8VP Assembly to Celebrate Christmas Lights Work

Class 8VP recently staged a school assembly looking at the theme of Christmas lights. This was a special theme for the pupils. The class members have been working with Class 9LT to design the Christmas lights for Squire and Partners in Brixton.

Workshops were set up with our friends at Squire and Partners. We used pipe cleaners to model the neon lights that will appear in the Christmas window. Site visits to Squire and partners also took place.

The Class 8VP assembly explained the history of Christmas lights. This is a topic that we researched during our tutorial time.

All class members had a reading part. A couple of short videos were recorded by the students. Some great team work took place during the planning for the assembly.

Head of School Mr Jukes congratulated Class 8VP and Class 9LT on their amazing project with Squire and Partners. He added that this is an important event for the school and we should feel proud.

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