Y11 and Y12 Students Take Part in Careers Workshop

Students from Year 11 and Year 12 recently took part in a job interview training session. We welcomed into our school Louise and Hannah from Spark, an organisation that supports young learners in their careers.

The students will soon be starting their next work experience placements. The workshop also helped them to prepare for some of the situations they might experience.

We started by considering: what makes a good interview? We defined an interview as an opportunity to market yourself. First impressions and the use of body language was discussed.

The students were then asked to select three words that highlighted their skills. Sentences were written to explain situations where we have used these skills.

The second half of the workshop saw some industry professionals volunteering their time to help with interviews. Each student was placed in an interview situation. Feedback was provided to the pupils.

We would like to thank Spark and our other industry guests for helping the Landsdowne students with their skills.

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