Year 11 Students Prepare for Various Art Qualifications

The Year 11 students are working to achieve different art qualifications. Our mixed group of learners includes GCSE students and pupils working towards the Entry Level exam. A third group of pupils are focussing on the Arts Award Discovery qualification.

The GCSE learners are planning ahead of the January exam. This is when we will receive our questions papers with the choice of topics. The students have chosen their own topics and carried out some research as preparation. Varied topic choices include cars, camels and snakes.

The Entry Level students have chosen topics such as fast food and the artist Maria Imaginario. Different resources are used to build up original artwork inspired by our themes.

One of the current tasks for the Arts Award students is to arrange shapes using different coloured pieces of string. The students are asked to identify the colours, collect the string and then create a shape using a template.

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