Year 12 Help Year 10 Students with Winter Fair Cooking

The Year 12 pupils have helped out their Year 10 friends ahead of the Lansdowne Winter Fair. Our Sixth Form students have prepared the icing sugar that Year 10 will use to decorate their gingerbread biscuits. These will be on sale at the Winter Fair.

Year 12 were asked to work independently for this work. Food tech teacher Miss Anderson told the students to improvise and use their knowledge to prepare the mixture. The ingredients were made available, but there was no recipe sheet.

Estimation skills were to judge how much icing sugar and water was needed. Miss Anderson was looking for a smooth consistency. The proof will be in the tasting!

Our wider Year 12 food tech learning will continue in the New Year. Some of the students are working towards the GCSE qualification. Other learners are focussing on their Entry Level exam that they will take in Year 13.

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