Year 12 Team Building with Drama Lessons

The Year 12 students are using their drama time to think about what it means to be kind to a friend. Our circle time has focussed on this theme with different drama activities.

Drama teacher Miss Moorhouse asked each student during a recent session to write down what they like about a nominated friend in our class. These were then shared in the drama circle.

The students were asked to comment on how they felt after receiving the praise. Responses included happy, proud and confident.

We then considered how we feel when we hear something negative about ourselves. This can make us feel unhappy. Miss Moorhouse added that saying kind things makes others feel good.

A brief drama warm up followed. The students complete exercises to improve their posture and vocals.

A team work game then followed. Two teams competed to try and create letters using our bodies that were written on the whiteboard. We soon found that communication and being polite helped to achieve success.

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