Year 9 Learn about Healthy Living in PSE Lessons

Year 9 are researching diseases and how we can keep healthy as part of our PSE learning. Our work started by looking at how we can recognise symptoms of some common illnesses. We are now learning how we can stay healthy and prevent illnesses.

The pupils have looked at how germs can be spread. This led to the class developing a strategy to help stop them from spreading.

Our ideas included:

Washing your hands

Covering your mouth if you cough and

Wearing suitable clothes

Our Year 9 suggestions for having a healthy body are:

Eating fruit and vegetables and

Exercising regularly.

PSE circle time in Year 9 has seen each pupil choosing a card from the middle of the circle. These all covered different scenarios related to germs.

We read these out to our friends, and then discussed how we could overcome any issue. An example was not to hug a friend who might be feeling ill. Full sentences were written in our PSE books to add further detail.

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