Class 9DL Guided Reading and Phonics Learning

Class 9DL are working through different phonic sounds as part of their daily guided reading work. A recent session focussed on the sound made by the letters fl.

We worked together as a group to brainstorm different words that started with the fl sound. A large mind map was drawn by class teacher Mr Lee on the whiteboard.

Some handwriting warmed up the pupils ahead of their independent learning. They concentrated on joining up the fl letters in their books.

Our key learning involved each student thinking of five fl words that could be used as a sentence. The pupils needed to write full sentences.

We finished off our guided reading with some dictionary searching. Me Lee drew up a list of unfamiliar words that start with an fl sound. These were looked up in the dictionaries, with a definition then written in our books.

Guided reading in Class 9DL usually ends with some finger fitness. This simple stretching exercise helps to prepare the pupils for the learning ahead.

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