Year 8 Start Work on Spring Term Art Puppet Project

The Year 8 Lansdowne pupils have started a new art topic for the spring term. We are looking at puppets and how they can be used. This work will lead towards the pupils designing and making their own string puppet.

Our learning started by looking at some examples of famous puppets. We saw how the Muppets are controlled with a hand being place in the mouth of the puppet.

We then looked at some of the puppets created by Paul Klee. Year 8 were able to identify that these puppets are operated by moving strings attached to different body parts.

Our first written task was to create a Puppets title page in our art books. The pupils were then asked to choose some photos of puppets that inspire them. A collage was created in our art books.

This will be used in future weeks to help inspire the Year 8 pupils when they design their own puppets. We will use a wire frame as the main body structure. Layers of newspaper and tape will build up the body parts. The pupils will be able to put on their own small puppet shows at the end of term.

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