Year 13 Complete English Entry Level Spoken Word Unit

The Year 13 students have all completed their spoken word assessment as part of their English Entry Level Exam. The Written word project was completed during the autumn term. All that remains now is the creative story.

The spoken word project required each student to deliver a presentation in front of an audience. The students researched their chosen topics and prepared a PowerPoint presentation.

There was an emphasis on improving communication skills and confidence levels. Each student was asked to provide a structure for their presentation.

We heard presentations explaining more about the planned Lansdowne Games Day. The presentations included all the facts, as well as information about the aim of the session at Brockwell Park.

Year 13 celebrated the completion of their spoken word projects with some drama games. Our circle time speaking cards helped the pupils to discuss their favourite TV programmes when they were younger. We ended the session with some active drama games.

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