Lansdowne Girls’ Group Offer Support to Friends

The Lansdowne Girls’ Group continues to meet and work together each week. The aim is to bring girls together from different age groups to support and learn from one another. Our sessions usually involve a mix of social learning and practical activities.

We have discussed different types of relationships during the early spring term. The conversation has now moved on to consider how we can support our friends in the school playground.

The girls were able to brainstorm many ideas. These were documented in a thought diagram on the class whiteboard. All group members were encouraged by staff member Mikita to use these ideas when we are enjoying our free time.

A recent practical piece of work by the Girls’s Group involved designing and making some badges. These will be sold at future school events to raise some money. The girls were asked to choose or create a badge design. We then followed the instructions to use the badge making equipment.

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