Year 10 Look at Different Ways of Reporting News

Year 10 have started an English topic looking at different forms of news. We are learning how news is presented, and which target audience newspapers are aimed at.

Our research started by looking at the main British newspapers. The students were able to identify most titles. They explained which ones they read.

Our work then looked at three different target audiences. We considered a young professional working in IT, a young mother and a retired person.

The pupils drew a mind map showing what type of news each group might be interested in reading.

Some practical learning and took place. The students looked at a copy of First News. They analysed and labelled the front page. This included features such as the masthead, the headline and the picture caption.

We noticed that these features were the same across the newspaper on different days. The news story was different, but the layout of the paper remains the same.

Future work for this topic will see the Year 10 students rewriting the front page of the newspaper. We will then take this a stage further and create our own original front page newspaper mock up.

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