Year 8 Research Different Rainforests around the World

Year 8 are researching the rainforest environment as part of their humanities lessons. Our work started by defining the rainforest. We have seen that this is a dense forest area that has heavy rain fall.

The pupils have located major rainforests around the world. We have looked at the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, plus other rainforests in Malaysia and Indonesia.

A large part of this learning has looked at the equator. We have seen that rainforests and a warm environment can help support different lifeforms.

The students have looked at how the rainforest produces oxygen, plants are used for medicine and the forests are also a home for many animals.

Year 8 completed written work based on our knowledge. Some of the class members have completed a puzzle of a rainforest. They added in the animals showing at which level in the rainforest they live.

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