Electrical Circuits in Year 7

Year 7 are learning about electrical circuits in their science lessons. The pupils are looking at different components in the circuit, and then recognising the symbols that are used to describe these.

We have seen that the starting point for any circuit is a power source. We then looked at how we need to build a circuit and to make a component work.

The pupils have looked at how we can also add in a switch. This helps to control the flow of electricity around our circuit.

Some diagrams of electrical circuits were drawn. These were labelled to help the pupils understand how the electricity flows.

Our practical work involved building an electrical circuit. We followed diagrams for different circuits. These included adding a light bulb and a motor.

We found that our circuits wouldn’t work when we tried to run two components. This was because the power source wasn’t strong enough.

The final task was to look at some photos of electrical circuits. These were then drawn in diagram form in our science books.

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