Lansdowne School Council Update

A recent meeting of the Landsdowne School Council saw the students inspecting the new lockers. These have been provided for all Sixth Form students to use.

This is a direct result of lobbying from the School Council. New coat pegs have also been made available for pupils throughout the school.

One of the Councillors asked Head of School Mr Juckes if the school would stay open during the current Corona outbreak. Mr Juckes explained that this was a good question. The school will follow government advice.

The current guidance is for all schools in England and Wales to remain open. All pupils and parents will be told immediately if the situation changes.

We heard some suggestions from students for future class trips. There was also an update about installing a clock in the school playground. This will hopefully be in place soon.

Another request came for some extra footballs and basketballs for the playground. We are going to check with Mr Lee on the current supply.

School Council came to a close with a strong reminder from the students about how we can all stay safe during the Corona outbreak. The school Councillors were asked to pass on the message to their friends about the importance of washing our hands at the start of each lesson.

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