Keeping Fit and Healthy at Home

It is very important that we all keep fit. You can still exercise each day even if you are staying indoors. All that you need is a small space and a little bit of energy.

Mr Lee has produced a fitness tracker for all pupils. Plus there are some PE research activities. You can see more details in the boxes below.

Mr Lee and the PE team have put together a fitness tracker to help you exercise at home. The aim is to improve your fitness, strength and speed whilst staying indoors.

The activities involve star jumps, sit-ups, step ups, skipping or jumping up and down, tricep dips, press ups and a wall to wall run.

Do each activity for one minute. You are allowed to have a 30 second rest between activities. Print off the results sheet over here and write your results down on the chart. We hope to see an improvement over each week.
Mr Lee and his team have come up with some online PE research projects for you. These involve using the internet to find out more about different sporting themes.

Research a Home Gym - look at the costs of setting up a home gym.

Research Sporting Injuries - find out more about common sporting injuries and how we can heal these.

Research Sporting Competitions - find out as much as you can about two major global sporting competitions.

A great way to start each day is the PE with Joe Live sessions. These take place at 9am every morning. You can also catch up with these later in the day if you want another workout!

Change4Life offers a ten minute shake up. Having a routine is very good for us as we all adapt to a new way of living whilst we are away from school.

If you think you have the moves then Just Dance on YouTube will be able to test you. We could even have a dance off contest when we return to Lansdowne to see who has made the most of their exercise time.

BBC Super Movers is another option.

Finally think about indoor yoga and meditation. If you do need to go outside for some very short exercise then speak with an adult in your house first. They will be able to keep you safe.