History of Toys Topic for Year 7 in Humanities

Year 7 have started an exciting humanities topic looking at the history of toys. This is a comparative piece of learning. We have looked at old toys, and then commented on how they are different to the ones that we enjoy playing with.

Our work started by brainstorming the names of some of the old toys. We also held a class discussion to think about the materials that were used to make them

We found that the main difference was that old toys use materials such as wood metal and cloth. Many new toys are now made out of plastic.

Class teacher Miss G then asked a question: how can we learn about old toys? We wanted the pupils to think about some of the sources we can use to find out more information.

A mind map was drawn to help visualise this idea. Some of the suggestions included online research, reading a book or visiting a museum.

Year 7 have also completed some practical learning based on their humanities toy topic. The pupils were asked to assemble a toy boat made out of paper.

The class members had to carefully follow the instructions. There was plenty of cutting and folding. This helped to develop their fine motor skills.

Our boat making exercise fits in well with our next humanities topic. Year 7 will be looking at different forms of transport.

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