Year 12 Maths, English and Roots & Shoots Gardneing

The Year 12 students are working hard on their maths and English learning. Different levels of work are prepared, depending on the ability of each student.

High ability students are plotting coordinates on a map. They were asked to find different locations and write the coordinates to match up on the map.

Other class members are working towards independent learning. Maths topics include improving our number bonds knowledge, counting different items, and number doubling.

English learning in Year 12 has involved the students understanding how we can care for pets. We have used the example of a guinea pig to show the level of care needed.

We started our work by researching a little more about guinea pigs. Each class member then wrote short sentences to explain some of the items needed to care for guinea pigs.

Elsewhere in Year 12 and our weekly trips to Roots and Shoots continue. This is an outdoor and gardening and learning centre in Kennington.

The Lansdowne students are working on improving their gardening skills. We have prepared the land, and planted some spring bulbs ahead of the start of winter.

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