Year 8 Bake Tasty Chocolate Chip Cookies in Food Tech

Chocolate chip cookies were on the menu for a recent Year 8 food tech lesson. The pupils are aiming to be independent when working in our food tech space.

Each class member is responsible for their own work, and looking after their own workstation. This starts with collecting the correct ingredients. The students follow the recipe sheet, and then weigh out the correct amount.

Mixing and rolling skills were needed to complete this activity. Food tech teacher Miss Anderson asked the pupils to think about the presentation of their food. We used a fork to decorate the dough before it was placed inside the oven.

Cleaning our workstations took place while the cookies were baking in the oven. Some written work also took place.

The Year 8 pupils were asked to write a sentence to describe what they were doing at each stage in this activity. We also evaluated our work and predicted what the final taste of our cookies would be like.

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