Lansdowne School Assembly Celebrates Achievements

Our weekly whole school assemblies continue at Landsdowne. These currently take place using Google Classroom. Head of school Mr Juckes presents to all the pupils.

A recent assembly started with Mr Juckes explaining some of the recent changes around the school. Our classrooms now have added marks on the floor to help with our social distancing. We have also changed some of the entrances where pupils can enter the school at the start of the day.

The assembly then took a timely look at the gunpowder plot and the story of Guy Fawkes. We watched a short presentation explaining the significance of the historical events.

It was then time for the Stars of the Week to be celebrated. This is always a highlight at Landsdowne School. It was great to hear some of the reasons why students have been recognised for their outstanding work.

The class of the week was 8SM. They achieved an amazing 96% of their ticks throughout the week. Mr Juckes closed the assembly by saying we are looking forward to watching Class 7HL and their online assembly next week.

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