Year 13 Research for Level One English Qualification

The Year 13 students are researching their Level One English topics. This is a major piece of work. It prepares them for independent study and a pathway for future college learning.

Each class member has been able to choose their own subject matter. English teacher Miss Moorhouse is very impressed with a wide range of subjects selected.

Mark has chosen the topic of eat, meat and the planet.

“We have to deal with climate change as well as the pandemic. Some animals are dying out. They are in danger because we eat meat.

I am carrying out some research online to find out the facts. I want to learn about the impact of eating meat in the future.“

Class member Thomas has chosen a high-tech topic.

“I am researching if humans will ever be made obsolete by technology. I want to see if we will be replaced in some areas of our work.

This is also part of my ICT GCSE learning. I am looking at the ethical importance of technology.”

Nick told us:

“My research interest is looking at is private information becoming public property. It’s a good topic with plenty to research.

I believe that if information is personal, then it should remain private. It shouldn’t be exposed.“

Class member Alex has an interest in transport.

“I am researching how transport works. This is part of my ambition to become a bus driver.

I am comparing this with other jobs such as being a tube driver and a taxi driver. I am researching how you can be employed in these jobs.“

Year 13 student Elijah told us:

“My English topic is researching if video games are bad for us. People have been warned for a long time about the potential dangers of playing video games. I want to look into this further.

I think that video games might have some benefits. They can help with our reflexes, as well as improving job skills.“

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