Year 13+ Students Healthy Lifestyle & Independent Living

The Year 13+ students are looking at ideas associated with healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle.

We started this learning by defining what is meant by healthy living. The students were able to explain that this can include a mixture of a healthy diet and moderate exercise. We also looked at the importance of regular sleep patterns.

A class discussion was held to think about how are some lifestyles might be unhealthy. We talked about ideas such as too much alcohol and smoking.

The main work for this topic involved designing a healthy meal. Some of the students had an empty plate. They were asked to sort pictures of various foods to create a healthy and balanced meal.

Another group of learners worked on a similar activity involving a packed lunch. They sorted pictures of healthy and unhealthy foods.

Future learning for the Year 13+ students will look at where food comes from. We will consider animals and plants as food sources. The theme is for independent living and how we can keep safe at home.

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