Class 9A Select New Lansdowne School Councillor Reps

Class 9A recently chose their new class representatives for the Lansdowne School Council. These are important roles. The Councillors represent their friends at weekly meetings with school management.

Each class nominates two Councillors. The Class 9A pupils were all asked if they wanted to stand for election. Class teacher Miss Aga encouraged each pupil to explain why they would like to stand.

We held a class discussion about the qualities needed to be a good school Councillor. We also spoke about how we can vote and hold a fair election.

Kadri, Thomas and Tonan were all selected by their friends. We will rotate each week so that Class 9A has two representatives at each meeting.

School council meetings will soon resume each week. These will be held online. All Councillors will be able to have their say and put forward the views of their friends to the school management team.

Elsewhere in Year 9 and our daily guided reading sessions continue to help with literacy and writing skills. We usually start with some simple finger fitness exercises.

The current focus is on consonant sounds. The class members have been working through a list of sounds together.

We are reading a shared class book called In It Together. This tells the story of how different children are able to continue learning during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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