Year 12 at Roots and Shoots College in Kennington

The Year 12 students are continuing with their weekly visits to Roots and Shoots College in Kennington. Each Thursday we make this short trip to learn more about outdoor activities and to help around the centre.

A recent visit had an autumnal theme. The students took a walk around Roots and Shoots to try and identify as many different leaves as possible. We were surprised to still be able to find some strawberry plants.

Indoor activities have included helping to decorate some of the plant pots. We have a designated class photographer amongst the students. This role involves taking photos of some of the flowers. These are then used to decorate the pots.

Plus Year 12 also carry out plenty of routine chores at Roots and Shoots. These cover regular weeding and watering, and making sure that all the the plants are being well looked after ahead of the winter weather.

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