Year 8 Model Mythical Creatures out of Clay

Year 8 are having great fun exploring their mythical creatures topic in art and textiles. We are working towards designing and sculpting a clay mythical creature.

A recent session started with class teacher Miss Line recapping the safety rules. All pupils know that we don’t eat clay, we don’t throw it, we keep the clay out of our hair and eyes, and we don’t cut it on the table surface.

This lesson then involved the pupils listening to the instructions and following them.

Our models needed a pinch pot style design to form the main base for our sculptures. We rolled two balls of clay, and then pushed our thumbs into the centre. Pinching and turning followed to create a pot.

Miss Line then demonstrated the slip and score technique. This helps to bond and hold the two pots together to create a hollow structure.

Facial features were added for our mythical creatures. The slip and score technique was used once again.

The next part of this project involves our mythical creatures being fired up in the school kiln. We can then paint them, before placing them in the kiln to be heated up once again.

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