Year 9 Conjunctive Words and Compound Sentences

The Year 9 pupils are looking at some of the stories written by Roald Dahl. In particular we are focusing upon the book First Day of School.

We have completed some background work on the author. Each class member has written a summary of his life. We have also summarised the first chapter from the story.

The next task was to answer a series of questions using full sentences in our replies.

Year 9 were then introduced to the idea of conjunctive words. Examples included after, because, until and when.

This led to the students being able to identify how they can make conjunctive sentences using the compound words.

We worked with a partner to form our own compound sentence. One of the friends suggested a conjunctive word. Our partner then use this to create a compound sentence.

And example was:

“Fabio is my best friend, but I also have other friends.”

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