Two Excellent School Assemblies from Year 8 Pupils

Students throughout the school were treated to two class assemblies on Friday morning. Class 8SM and Class 8VG both presented very thoughtful assemblies online.

Class 8SM looked at the Hindu festival of Diwali. Head of school Mr Juckes introduced the presentation by reminding everyone that we respect all faiths at Landsdowne. This is a core British value.

The class members had pre-recorded a wonderful short video. They have worked hard on this during their tutorial time.

The assembly started by explaining why Diwali is important to the Hindu faith. We looked at the importance of lights during this period.

The pupils then acted out the story of Rama and Sita. We saw some wonderful reading and some fantastic acting.

It was then time for Class 8VG to deliver their presentation. The main theme was how to look after yourself. We looked at both physical and mental well-being.

Some powerful messages were contained in the assembly. The Class 8VG pupils asked students throughout the school to think about changes they could put in place in their community.

Mr Juckes then addressed the whole school. We passed on the good news that the fleet of bicycles have now been ordered and we are awaiting delivery. We are trying to build in extra fun for all students whilst the after-school clubs are currently on hold.

Class 9KW were congratulated for being Class of the Week. Mr Juckes read out the names of the pupils who are Stars of the Week. It was great to share the success stories. We are determined to deliver our weekly assemblies and let our whole school community know about the achievements of the pupils.

Mr Juckes ended the assembly by reminding everyone of the Landsdowne FRESH rules. These help us all to keep safe.

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