Year 11 Look at Improving use of Language in Literacy

The Year 11 students are working on levelling up their skills as part of our current English learning. There is a focus on preparation for both GCSE and Entry Level qualifications.

Our current learning is looking at how language can work as a powerful tool. We are using the text Miriam by Truman Capote to help with this learning.

English teacher Miss Moorhouse has introduced the students to the idea of denotation and connotation. The class members were asked to give examples of this in the text.

We also looked at everyday objects such as trees, shells and leaves. We have used our knowledge of denotation and connotation to describe how these could then have different meanings.

This learning is leading towards the Year 11 students writing their own suspense story. Miss Moorhouse will be looking for examples of denotation and connotation in the work.

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