Year 9 Look at Online Digital Footprints in ICT Lessons

ICT time in Year 9 has seen the students looking at the idea of a digital footprint. This explains how we all leave a trail when we are online that might disclose private information.

Students held a class discussion to understand why it is important to keep some personal details private.

All class members designed their own digital footprint in a poster form. We thought about the websites and platforms that we often visit. We could then work out what information we pass on whilst we are online.

This work led to a case study involving a fictional character called Penelope. We were given a snapshot of some of the places she had visited whilst using the Internet.

A worksheet was completed to disclose the information that we now know about Penelope. The class members were able to log her full name, which town she lived in and what her favourite football team is.

This session ended with the students understanding why we need to think about the information we disclose online.

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