Class 9A Look Forward to Festive School Assembly

Class 9A are looking forward to presenting their assembly to the whole school. This will be the final assembly before the Christmas break.

The theme for our assembly is the Christmas nativity story. The pupils have researched this during their class tutorial time.

We will present our knowledge from this research as part of a pre-recorded video for the assembly. Every class member has a reading part. The traditional Christmas Story is told.

Some decorations and songs are also included in the video. The pupils are very excited about sharing their work with the rest of the school.

Other learning in Class 9A includes our daily tutorial lessons. We use this time to prepare ourselves for the day ahead.

Finger fitness usually starts off our day. The pupils then work on improving their phonics knowledge.

The current focus is on consonant and vowel sounds. Written work also takes place. The class members are reminded to write letters on the line, keep our lowercase letters the same height and to include finger spaces.

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