Year 10 Complete Autumn Term Maths Challenges

End of term maths learning in Year 10 has seen the students complete various learning objectives. These are set up to reflect the aims of each class member.

Some of the students are looking at solving maths grid problems. The challenge was to place and stick pictures in a 4×4 grade. Each column and row had to include different pictures.

Another activity was to measure the length of a candy bar. We have looked at the best way to use a ruler to gain an accurate measurement.

Pounds and pence is another Year 10 maths challenge. Students were asked to write the same amount of money in three different ways. An example is £1, 100p or one pound.

Some of the students tackled some tricky mental maths problems. They have completed addition and subtraction sums to fill in the missing numbers on a Christmas tree design.

The traffic light system for assessment is carried out by each class member at the end of each session. This helps the teaching staff to plan future learning objectives targeted for each student.

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