Creative Life Skills for the Year13+ Students

Life skills learning for the Year 13+ students is currently looking at how we can live independently. We are also helping the young adults to improve their levels of self-esteem.

One topic we are focusing on is how we can use our hands and develop our fine motor skills. We held a class discussion looking at the importance of using our hands every day.

We talked about possible jobs that need this skill. One suggestion was jobs in the creative sector where people need to use their hands.

The Year 13+ students then had a brilliant creative session working on a Mother’s Day craft project. The aim was to design and create a keyring ahead of Mother’s Day.

We started with a blank piece of plastic. The colour of the love heart was chosen by each student. We used the die cutting machine to cut out the shape of a love heart.

The next task was to cut out the wording for Mum. The special scraper tools were used to scratch and outline a template. The finishing task was to add a tassel for our key-rings.

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