Cycling Safety in Year 8 on the New Lansdowne Bikes

Year 8 are having great fun riding the new Landsdowne School special bikes. These were bought at the start of the year. We are incredibly grateful to the three organisations who helped to fund these. We would like to thank our friends at Versus Arthritis, London Sport and Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital. The funding was put together by our friend Lucy at Oval Cluster Learning.

The bikes are amazing! There is a wide range of different bikes available to suit the different physical needs of all pupils. This includes two wheelers, and also three wheeler bikes. They are stored in a secure lock up that we have on the school premises.

Year 8 were reminded at the start of their recent session about the importance of safety. All pupils must wear a helmet when cycling. The students get to choose which bike they would like to ride. They base their decision on how confident they feel as they progress through the different ranges.

Students throughout the school get to use the bikes at least once a week. This is a great exercise to help improve their confidence and learn key road safety cycle skills. We are already starting to see some good progress.

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