New Maths Challenges for the Year 12 Students

The Year 12 students have returned after the lockdown break and are already working hard on some new maths challenges. Our lessons start with the Big Number Song. This involves a sequence of numbers being shown on the whiteboard with some music. We have to anticipate what the missing number will be.

The challenge gets harder as the numbers move up the number line. Year 12 have counted all the way up to 100. We have also been able to make jumps from 10,00 all the way to 1,000,000,000,000!

Individual table work involves the Year 12 students adding either one or two digit numbers using their mental maths skills. Teaching staff are able to support the students with strategies and techniques.

Another current maths focus in Year 12 is positional language. We have been learning when to use words such as above, below or next.

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