Year 10 Students Prepare Sushi in Food Tech Lesson

The Year 10 students designed and created some delicious sushi during their first food tech lesson back at Landsdowne School. We started by talking about the ingredients that are needed. We also looked at the technique required to prepare sushi.

The class members were asked: what is different about the rice that we use to make sushi compared to traditional rice? It was observed that this has a special, sticky texture. We watched a short video which showed how we can handle this rice with ease. The secret is to wash your hands first so they are moist.

It was then time for the practical work to take place. Some of the skills that we were able to use during this lesson included chopping and developing our fine motor skills. The pupils were also asked to think about how they can organise their own workstation.

Once the chicken was marinated it was then time to demonstrate our chopping skills. The ingredients were placed on the special sushi nori sheet. The fun part was to roll our sushi and make it look presentable.

The final part of this exercise was a tasting session. This went very well.

Kanye commented:

“This is the best thing I have ever eaten!”

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