Food Tech Life Skills for the Year 13+ Students

The Year 13+ students are continuing with their regular life skills learning. Each week we make a group decision about what snack we would like to make.

The students are encouraged to be responsible for each stage of this project. They put together a shopping list, as well as thinking about the budget. We then go safely into the local community alongside the adults to buy the food or ingredients needed.

It is then time for the food preparation to take place back at Lansdowne school. Each class member has their own area of expertise and responsibility.

On the menu for a recent Friday treat was hotdogs, tuna and vegetable salad, and home-made croutons. As an extra treat we all enjoyed a hazelnut croissant.

When the tasting was over, the class members got to work on tidying up. We took care of all the washing up, as well as wiping down the tables. A short evaluation of our food tech snack skills took place.

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