Year 8 Improve Tennis Skills in PE Lessons

The Year 8 students are continuing to improve their tennis skills as part of their PE learning. Our lessons have different workstations set up for the pupils to take part in.

The focus here is on hand and eye coordination with the racket and ball. We took part in some friendly races. These involved the students bouncing the ball up and down along the ground as they moved along the court. We then changed this slightly so the ball was bounced on their racket as the class members took part in the race.

The second half of the lesson involved the students playing out a tennis rally with a partner. We set up the school tennis nets. The students were asked to think about how they could make it easier for their partner to return the ball.

Different shot variations were used. This included forehand and backhand techniques. The idea was for everyone to feel comfortable and in control of the racket.

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