Year 9 Pop Art Sculpture Project

The Year 9 students have started work on an ambitious pop art project. We have been learning about some of the famous pop art artists. We have used their style and work as the inspiration for our own creativity.

Each class member is working towards creating a giant sweet sculpture. The pupils were given a free choice as to which brand of sweet they would like to recreate.

The process to complete our sculptures involves identifying the main shapes, drawing and painting a rough sketch, creating the main shape using cardboard and tape, then adding papier-mâché.

We primed the sculptures to give them a base layer. The details of the branding were then drawn in carefully. The next stage will involve painting the logos and bright colours on our pop art sculptures. The final task is to add in some finer details using a marker pen.

This project is a good example of independent learning at Lansdowne School. The students are expected to organise their own work and take responsibility for the resources they use.

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