Y13+ Pupils Plan Leaving Events in Enterprise Lessons

The Year 13+ students have come up with some great ideas as part of their enterprise learning project. We are starting to look towards the end of the summer term when sadly we will be leaving Lansdowne School. The students are keen to commemorate this special occasion.

We had a group discussion about some of the ideas we could pitch to the school management team. A popular choice was the suggestion of some special leavers’ hoodies. These would be a graduation gift.

The Year 13+ students researched this topic online. We found an affordable supplier that suited our needs. We also looked at the possibility of adding in our own design.

The next stage of this project was to write a letter to the Executive Headteacher. We wanted to pitch the idea, and politely ask what budget is available.

Powerful and persuasive language was used in the letter. The students were able to come up with some great ideas to explain why their hoodie project should be considered.

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