Year 7 Start Native American Totem Pole Art Topic

The Year 7 pupils have finished their Australian artwork project. We have now moved onto North America and the artwork inspired by native Indians.

We started this learning by looking at totem poles. We held a class discussion to find out what existing knowledge the pupils might have.

We looked at some pictures on the class whiteboard. The Year 7 students were able to describe some of the imagery on show. We talked about the significance of having an Eagle at the top of a totem pole.

Our early artwork for this topic involved creating a title page showing how colourful totem poles can be. Oil pastels were used for the lettering. We then added a wash with paint to provide a background colour. Some careful cutting took place as we added pictures of totem poles for a collage effect.

Year 7 are working towards creating a class totem pole. We will research this topic in more detail, and then work together to design and build the different parts required for our totem pole.

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