Year 8 Create Prepare Chicken Fried Rice in Food Tech

Chicken fried rice was a recent dish that was on the menu for Year 8 as part of their food tech learning. Each class member worked through the recipe and instructions sheet.

One of the first tasks was to chop up the onions as finely as possible, and to grate the carrots. These were then fried on the hobs. The class members were extra careful with their safety.

Rice was then added, along with some soya sauce and some chicken pieces. The pupils were asked to look out for the signs for when the chicken was cooked.

The session ended with a brief tasting session. Year 8 were asked to describe the taste and to assess how successful their food preparation had been.

The final task was to take responsibility for our own workstations. Each class member is expected to wash up and clean up their own space.

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